Prologue #1 story

Prologue #1 story

The Prologue collection brings to life the metaphor of the cushion story depicting a newly read bedtime story. The product sheds light on our everyday moment of falling asleep, when we abandon the realm of the real for the kingdom of dreams, where once again – anything is possible. The authentic relationship between the carefully selected words and strong visuals kindles our emotions gently, but loudly enough to enrich any engulfing interior.

The specific emotions awoken in that way are spurred by the narrative expression, carefully and tenderly selected texts written in Croatian and English. The short stories authored by Darija Šćukanec explore the same theme – love, but in different contexts.

The wording of every sentence in this story is motivational and psychologically encouraging, which is something any of us can recognize and identify with, and primarily written as an intimate parents’ prayer for their child.

Prologue #1 Story

"You are woven from the sweetest sweetness, sparks of light and tender hopes. Curiosity and laughter are your strong suits; you are at the top of your trade there. You are stronger than a tightly tied knot, and holier than a gold embossed icon. You made fairytales ashamed at birth. The boogeymen can’t touch you. Don’t mind stories or closets, but mind your steps, beliefs and dreams! The adults will have plain and simple food, but your food will be ravishing. Pay no heed: those spoonfuls will be powerful, and you will need them for as long as you shall live. You see, there is a lot in front of you in the days known as tomorrow: you will sail the seas while puddle wading, clasp your hands to pinch the sun, and compose sonatas the world’s violins will compete for! You will feel sorrow too, a salty drop will roll off your lid. But don’t fret: it will teach you that people and seconds have their flavors, sharpness, tanginess whether you like them or not. Learn from everyone and everything – your breath will be peaceful if by fulfilling yourself you don’t empty others. Shield those with holes in their cloak; it will be soul-patching and meaningful to eons. Forgive the bites you suffer; tongues and teeth are oftentimes unaware of their ill nature. Don’t blame yourself for your own bites, but don’t let them fall into a habit: a mistake without a lesson learned will cost you more than the last song before closing time. You will understand what this means when you earn some age and wrinkles, which is when you should do your best to become a picture proudly hanging on the wall. Swipe away the hurdles like a storm, but not under the carpet. Give warm hugs, and take their temperature with the thermometer of love. And don’t whisk love away. Love is not a goose egg, but an ocean sweeter than gummy bears! So share this bliss like candies in view of the day when you’ll be able to call someone a honey of your own. You will take that honey into your arms, write letters to her and listen to her breath. You will wish her joy, flood her cheeks with admiration, and build her palaces with your bare hands. Nothing will stop you even then. Therefore, feel free to swim at night too. Float with dandelion seeds. Castles can’t do it, but rascals can. Proper as they are, never to be forgotten, more important than the importance itself. Befitting a miracle. You, little man…"

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