The name Maliq given to the studio and the brand is derived from the Slavonian cultural heritage and motives, and from the written oeuvre of famous Croatian author Ivana Brlić Mažuranić [the name of one of the Brownies (Domaći in Croatian) is Wee Tintilinkie, or Malik Tintilinić in Croatian], calling to our minds the thoughts about the iconicforest – Stribor’s Forest – inhabited by those who harbor only the best and
unselfish intentions.

Maliq is a small Croatian design studio committed to unconventional, thoughtful and highly aesthetic surface design narratively relying on Croatian heritage, storytelling and the emotion driven by Slavonian textures, culture and scenery.


The Prologue collection brings to life the metaphor of the cushion story depicting a newly read bedtime story. The product sheds light on our everyday moment of falling asleep, when we abandon the realm of the real for the kingdom of dreams, where once again – anything is possible. The authentic relationship between the carefully selected words and strong visuals kindles our emotions gently, but loudly enough to enrich any engulfing interior.



Book sleeve collection

  • Rug design

    You are searching for a new
    carpet, linen or tailor-made textile designed just for you?

    During a consultation we are asking questions, listening and paying special
    attention to your desires in.

    After our consultations, we will
    prepare a few conceptual solutions of the final product for you to choose.

    If needed, we will adapt /adjust the selected solution in order to fully meet your desires.

    After final approval of the solution, we are producing the final product and delivering it to you.

  • Custom designed textile

    Maliq prefers individual approach to every project and every client. Maliq creates a one-of-a-kind, authentic productin response to your needs, guidelines and inquiries. Knowing that every individual is constantly searching for his/her personal motive to personify his/her own inner world, Maliq deliberately leaves space for interpretation and customization of products to suit their users.

  • Pattern design

    The patterns, illustrations,
    combinations of colors, shapes and words make the surfaces come to life, and are sourced from a genuine, intrinsic feeling channeled over the visual, but eternally embedded in writing.

    Maliq prefers surface design as its primary, willingly favorite channel of