Studio Maliq

“The fire on the hearth blazed and shone, crackled and glowed; and the old woman gazed and gazed. She never regretted the salt or the barm, but was glad of the jolly little folk whom God had sent to comfort her.”


Maliq is a small Croatian design studio committed to unconventional, thoughtful, highly aesthetic and ethical textile design narratively relying on Croatian heritage, storytelling and the emotion driven by Slavonian textures, culture and scenery.

Maliq is a Croatian design studio focused on interior textile design and production.

Besides its permanent collections, Maliq designs custom-made textile products for its customers to adorn the interiors they live in. Its designs spill over onto cushions, curtains, bed linen, carpets and other final products functionally adapted to suit the customer’s needs.

Maliq’s work evokes the memories of Croatian heritage, channels emotions and creates products prompting verbal expression, supported by highly aesthetic, thoughtful design of their maker and meticulously chosen fabrics procured from proven ethical vendors.

The collections feature a recognizable signature inspired by ethnographic elements and textures authentic to Slavonia, the author’s native region.

The name Maliq given to the studio and the brand is derived from the Slavonian cultural heritage and motives, and from the written oeuvre of famous Croatian author Ivana Brlić Mažuranić [the name of one of the Brownies (Domaći in Croatian) is Wee Tintilinkie, or Malik Tintilinić in Croatian], calling to our minds the thoughts about the iconic forest – Stribor’s Forest – inhabited by those who harbor only the best and unselfish intentions.


In its creations, celebrations of the aesthetics and the visual, whilst minding the practicality, Maliq produces vivid designs to be applied onto surfaces and transformed into functional items / elements in the living space.

The patterns, illustrations, combinations of colors, shapes and words make the surfaces come to life, and are sourced from a genuine, intrinsic feeling channeled over the visual, but eternally embedded in writing.

Maliq prefers surface design as its primary, willingly favorite channel of expression.

Maliq’s designs embody a combination of artistic and emotional expression, technical know-how and creative inspiration, distinguished by their functionality and practicality above all.

Maliq is turned to those who crave for aesthetic and functional touches in their living space, those who understand and embrace the importance of thoughtful design and art in their everyday lives, and to all those searching for a unique Croatian product for their own or somebody else’s interior.


A thoughtfully designed collection, stemming from emotionally engaging and overwhelming combination of words and images translated into an everyday, functional item – a cushion cover.

The cushion cover has a recognizable designer’s signature guaranteeing a meaningful and specific combination of colors and motives, authentic underlying conceptual idea as well as technical execution, shape, and fabric selection.

It forms an integral part of the collection of similarly designed cushion covers with identical visual motives but different emotional expressions.

How to choose the right one for yourself? No need to worry. Just listen to the story it has to tell you.

“You are woven from the sweetest sweetness, sparks of light and tender hopes.”
“The boogeymen can’t touch you. Don’t mind stories or closets, but mind your steps, beliefs and dreams!”
“Learn from everyone and everything – your breath will be peaceful if by fulfilling yourself you don’t empty others. Shield those with holes in their cloak; it will be soul-patching and meaningful to eons.”

“This city isn’t fond of peopling. It is less and less fond of people too. This is the truth loudly left unspoken.”
“Today I’m not in the mood to nod politely. Today I’m hardly in any mood. I’ll settle for the scenes passing us by and for the fact that it’s Friday.”



You are searching for a new carpet, linen or tailor-made textile designed just for you? You are at the right place! Just contact us.
During a consultation (personal contact or a call), we are asking questions, listening and paying special attention to your desires in
After our consultations, we will prepare a few conceptual solutions of the final product for you to choose.
If needed, we will adapt /adjust the selected solution in order to fully meet your desires.
After final approval of the solution, we are producing the final product and delivering it to you.


* Maliq adapts its business and types of products to suit the needs of the market.
* Maliq puts the aesthetics first. It celebrates, channels and promotes the importance of design in everyday life of the community.
* Maliq is socially accountable, and its whole production process has a strong ethical basis.
* Maliq collaborates only with European, trusted textile producers whose overall production is whitelisted.
* Maliq is an honest, transparent and ethical business.
Maliq studio prikuplja osobne podatke o korisnicima samo uz Vašu izričitu privolu.