Studio Maliq

“But just as she opened the door, the door went bang! The flame leapt, up jumped the Brownies, gave one stamp all round the hearth with their tiny feet, rose up above the flames, flew up to the roof – the boards in the roof creaked a bit, and the Brownies were gone! Only Wee Tintilinkie did not run away, but hid among the ashes.”


Dijana Vojak Pokić received her master’s degree in textile design from the Faculty of Textile Technology at the University of Zagreb in 2016. As an active textile designer she has taken part in twenty-odd domestic and international textile design and art exhibitions.

She had worked as a designer in one of the leading Croatian rug design companies when in 2019 she set up her own Maliq Studio.

In 2020 she committed herself to the design of her own collections of textile items. Her extremely emotional visual language can be seen in her abstract and somewhat melancholic design resting solely on her personal heritage, knowledge and feelings.

A list of selected exhibitions, awards and projects:

2018 – Rug collection Relief
2017 – Bernardo Bernardi Gallery, Zagreb, solo exhibition Textile Experiments
2017 – The 8th International Biennial Exhibition of Contemporary Mini Textile Art “Scythia”, Kherson/Ivano-Frankivs’k, Ukraine
2017 – Rug collection Identity Archive
2016 –  TAW – Tirana Architecture Weeks, Tirana, Albania, exhibition The New Analogue, YBD, work: Marginal Object 1-10
2016 – Indigo – Festival of contemporary ideas, Ljubljana, Slovenia, exhibition The New Analogue, YBD, work: Marginal Object 1-10
2016 – Mikser festival, Beograd, design exhibition The New Analogue, works: Marginal Object 1-10, Marginal Object 2-10, Marginal Object 3-10
2016 – ULUPUH Gallery, Zagreb, exhibition Identities, work: Body Concept
2016 – Dean’s Award of the Faculty of Textile Technology Zagreb for excellence and reputation promotion
2016 – Oris – House of Architecture, Zagreb, exhibition Black through the Prism, work: Image Code
2016 – AMCA Award for best student artwork in 2015./16.
2015 – ULUPUH Gallery, Zagreb, exhibition Mandela – Idea – Process, work: Sacrifice
2015 – VN Gallery, Zagreb, exhibition Polimer Art, work: Triangle and Line
2014 – ULUPUH Gallery, Zagreb, exhibition Africa – Research – Project, work: Project Africa

Maliq studio prikuplja osobne podatke o korisnicima samo uz Vašu izričitu privolu.