Studio Maliq

“Now this Forest was to remain enchanted until it should be entered by someone who preferred his sorrows to all the joys in this world.”

The Prologue collection of decorative cushion covers relies on the combination of words and images featured on the textile, on the basic underlying idea of a product made to contextually evoke the bedtime story ritual.

The stories read at bedtime can decorate the most important rooms in your home during the day.


Croatian design collection of linen cushion covers
The Prologue collection brings to life the metaphor of the cushion story depicting a newly read bedtime story. The product sheds light on our everyday moment of falling asleep, when we abandon the realm of the real for the kingdom of dreams, where once again – anything is possible. The authentic relationship between the carefully selected words and strong visuals kindles our emotions gently, but loudly enough to enrich any engulfing interior.

“Love is not a goose egg, but an ocean sweeter than gummy bears! So share this bliss like candies in view of the day when you’ll be able to call someone a honey of your own.”

The specific emotions awoken in that way are spurred by the narrative expression, carefully and tenderly selected texts written in Croatian and English. The short stories authored by Darija Šćukanec explore the same theme – love, but in different contexts.

“For 35 solid years I have been trying wholeheartedly to make every effort to stay out of trouble, avoid jaywalking, and see something good in everyone and everything, including jelly. I don’t say things with tongue-in-cheek, you will never find petty cash or keys in my pockets, but you can bet on it that you will find some sweets and one or two stubborn stains. I dream of a world of peace, dolphins returning to the wild, and of a day when finally, once and for all, everyone will stop putting ‘but, however’ at the beginning of the same sentence.”



“You are woven from the sweetest sweetness, sparks of light and tender hopes.”

The cushion covers are made from best quality Belgian linen. The textiles chosen and used by Maliq meet the initially established high quality functional, aesthetic and ethical criteria. The fabrics from European, carefully selected producers boast of outstanding quality, whereas the final product urges you to embrace comfort, peace and to take it easy.

The first story will make you bask in the honey-tongued and vigorous combination of phrases and ideas, and if you let go – which is strongly advisable – you will immerse yourself fully in what it has to say, until you finally reach the destination i.e. get to the point it has to make.
But we leave that part to you.
The wording of every sentence in this story is motivational and psychologically encouraging, which is something any of us can recognize and identify with, and primarily written as an intimate parents’ prayer for their child.

The second story, which is a simple and picturesque combination of words, features a short extract from the author’s real life. She briefly abandons the ubiquitous clamor of thoughts, worries and obligations to pay her attention to a forgotten, often ignored ability – empathy, through indirect descriptions of Zagreb motives.
The author, using poetic and nearly provocative emotional assertions, brings the sins of her contemporaries into spotlight, illustrating how oftentimes by minding ourselves and our own needs we fail to see those otherwise left unseen by anyone.

Maliq studio prikuplja osobne podatke o korisnicima samo uz Vašu izričitu privolu.